On the 22nd May 2008 Jeanene Short my best friend of 30 years and me left our husbands home to mind the animals and headed off to the US for the Weimaraner Nationals and a bit of sightseeing. Our first stop was in LA where we ventured down to our favourite spot Anaheim to visit our favourite jewellery shop - we won't talk about that too much. The weather was terrible and restricted our outdoor activities to only one day out of 4 where we could actually do anything. We managed a day at Disneyland which we thoroughly enjoyed and exhausted ourselves.
On the Monday night we met up with Jill Mallard in LA where we did a bit of shopping and then stayed the night at the Hilton which was close to the airport because we had a very early start the next morning to catch our first plane to Chicago on route to Rhode Island. Unfortunately we found ourselves with a 5 hour delay and consequently by the time we got to Chicago we missed the connecting flight to Warwick RI. so instead of arriving at 6.30 we didn't arrive till nearly midnight.
Monday and Tuesday 26th & 27th May was the Nutmeg Weimaraner Club Specialty shows; we had a quick look and  spent awhile catching up with friends I haven't seen for 3 years. Then it was off to the local Mall for shopping along with half of the Australian contingency that was there, I don't think there were any suits for showing in left anywhere.
Tuesday and Wednesday 27th & 28th was the Yankee Weimaraner Club Specialty show so we watched quite a lot of that.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday was the Weimaraner Club of America National Specialty. It was quite a spectacular sight seeing so many magnificent Weimaraners many of which I had not seen before. It was especially great for me to see some of Boomers progeny. Winnie - Ch. Nanis Key Witness for Liadain got second in the Maturity bitch class which I was very thrilled about. Ch. Nanis Ad Lib made the cut in the Best of Breed class.
Marge the very special Weim bitch took the hat trick not only for the 3 specialties held that week but for the National. No other dog or bitch has ever won 3 in a row so this was a very exciting day for Alessandra Folz, Judy Colan and her sponsor Ellen M. Charles and for her breeders Judy Colan, Marge Davis & Debra McCray. Marge is quite a girl she is such a showdog and when she is not in show mood she is rolling around on the ground.  Such a magnificent bitch. There were so many wonderful dogs too many to mention but I have put lots of photos below of some of the winners.

I have added some of the other winners below.

After the Nationals we left on the Saturday morning for a visit to an all breeds show on the way to Niagara Falls. We only stayed long enough to buy some leads and dog products which are so much cheaper than here. Sue Lumpkins, Jeanene, Jill and I headed off on the long drive to Niagara. We stopped overnight in a place called Rochester and had the worst McDonalds meal I have ever had; that's another story. We arrived at Niagara, cleared customs, checked in to our hotel and just managed to catch a tour that was just leaving and spent the rest of the day sightseeing. Part of the tour was a ride on the Maid in the Mist boat which took us right up to the Falls, apart from getting a little wet we had a great time.

 The rest of the tour took us to various sightseeing places near the Falls. When the tour was finished we settled in to our magnificent room on the 34th floor of the Regency Plaza hotel with a full view of the falls from the Canadian side. It was unbelievable. We had full view of both of the Falls and had a birds eye view of the fireworks.

 The next morning we headed to Chicago and had lots of laughs on the way. We met up with Liz Raimon and she took us on a tour of Chicago. The first day the city was completely covered in the thickest fog I have ever seen and didn't lift all day. Our plans that day were to go up to the highest building in the world but it was fogged in so the plans were for the next day. It was clear the next day so off we went to the Sears Tower, it was scary 110 floors and the lift went so fast your ears popped. I am not good on heights and all I could think of was if a terrorist was going to blow it up. We were so high - it was spectacular. (pictured below view from the top)

The next few days were very hot and we spent them driving around with Liz at the wheel sightseeing. What an experience that was, we have never laughed so much in all our lives.
It was soon time to say a teary goodbye to my dear friend Sue Lumpkins and head back to LA. We arrived mid afternoon and had time to visit the Sketches factory to do a little more shoe therapy shopping. Jill headed back to Sydney that night and  Jeanene and I had an overnight stay in LA. We still had a whole day to fill in before we flew out around midnight the nex night so we decided to put the day in at Universal Studios. We had the best time and saw some new attractions we hadn't seen before. Jeanene tricked me into a trip on the Jurassic Park ride which finished up with a 120ft fall down a waterfall, I nearly died, not being a great person for heights or getting my hair wet I will never never forget that ride.

We got back in time to have dinner at the Hilton where we were staying, we sat in the foyer and watched Indian guests arrive for a wedding; it was beautiful to see the ladies in their traditional dresses. It was time to head out to the airport and the Qantas club for a shower and freshen up. It wasn't long before it was time to board our flight and the long flight home. I was lucky to be able to sleep most of the way home so arrived quite fresh but poor Jeanene had the man behind her kneeing her in the back all night so she didn't get much sleep.

Back home it didn't take long to slip back in to the daily routine but it was so good to see my dogs again and of course my husband. It was a fabulous trip and just wonderful catching up with the many friends I have made in the US over the last 10 years.