This year we had the opportunity of breeding with a bitch called Grauhund Witchy Poo a litter sister to Windnth Willows. She was bred to Levi and produced 2 champions from her only litter. They were Ch. Grauhund Genes By Design and Ch. Grauhund Goldfinger. 

Ch. Grauhund Genes by Design - Genie 

Genie did most of her showing in Darwin where she lived with her owners Greg and Lorna Hooper. She was a consistent Group winner in the Gundog Group, Royal CC winner and Class in show winner.

 Ch. Grauhund Goldfinger - James

James lives in Ballarat with Sharon Sabbatini and her husband Nicko. 
He is a Class in Group and In Show winner with wonderful free flowing movement. He is a real clown and a delight to live with. 

Ch. Grauhund An Affair T'Rembr Flirt was bred to Levi and produced 5 males. 

Ch. Grauhund Heartbreaker - Breaker

Breaker is owned by Sue Shrigley and mate to Ian. Breaker has been a consistent winner in the showring with multiple Group & In show awards. He is a very good producerg with several champions on the ground. Formerly living in WA he now resides in Tasmania he has proved to be a great asset to her kennels. 

We bred Whispa - Ch. Grauhund Windnth Willows to Levi and she produced a lovely litter of 9 puppies. 
Two were sold to NZ they are N.Z. Ch. Grauhund Island Girl and N.Z. Ch. Grauhund I shot the Sheriff. Another bitch was sold to Tammy Newman In Melbourne.

 N.Z. Ch. Grauhund Island Girl (Imp Aust.) - Mana 

Mana has been a winner since her first show. Just on 12 months of age she had already won Best in Group and Runner/Up in Group awards along with 14 Baby in Group, 8 Baby in Show, 8 Puppy in Group and 4 Puppy in Show. She was R/U to Best in Show at the 2002 Weimaraner Champ show in the North Island.

Mana is co-owned Anne Porter (NZ) and Grauhund Knls.

N.Z. Ch. Grauhund I Shot the Sheriff (Imp Aust.) - Marley 
Marley is owned by Rowena Radich and is also a Best in Group and Class in Group winner. He is a strong beautifully balanced dog. He has not been shown consistently due to Rowena's ill health but always does well when he is shown. 
He has proven to be a good a good producer with his progeny being made up at a very young age. Sadly he passed away in 2007.

Grauhund I dream of Genie - Skye
Skye is almost half way to her title but her showing has had a temporary rest due to Tammy having an addition to her family. She is a multiple CC, Class in group and was placed 1st in the Baby Puppy bitch class at the Weimaraner National Show in 2001. 

We bred Grauhund Chocolat Crakle to Levi 

Aust Ch Grauhund Kalvin Klein - Kalvin

Kalvin is a multiple Best In Show, multiple Class in Group and In Show winner. In 2002 Kalvin, won Best Exhibit in Show at the Weimaraner Club of Victoria Inc. Champ. Show and Open Show. His effortless movement, balance and elegance always caught  the judges' eye. 
His bloodlines combine some of the most famous dogs in both England and America.

A magnificent dog who was a consistent winner from his first show. He quickly gained his points often beating his father until a tragic accident found him snap off 3 of his teeth. He had 6 points to get his Championship. We entered him in one show to finish him and he got BOB which gave him his title.

Unfortunately Kalvin was tragically killed in June 2004. 

Grauhund Kool Kat - Kitty
Kitty was retained by us and was a consistent CC winner. She now lives with Sue & John Wood and is very much loved. 


We decided to breed Whispa again to Levi as this was a superb litter. The second time she produced 7 puppies. 

 Ch. Grauhund Moulen Rouge - Sateen

Sateen was campaigned by Carol and was a consistent winner from an early age. She was a Best in Show (Open show), multiple Class in group and In Show winner and multiple sweepstakes winner. She won Best in Show at the Victorian Gundog Club Open Show from the Puppy class and Puppy in Show at the SA Championship show 2002. 
Sateen is now living a life of luxury with Fay.

We also decided to repeat the breeding of Flirt and Levi to see if we could get some bitches.She produced 2 dogs and 2 bitches. We retained a dog and bitch. 

Aust Ch Grauhund Naughty but Nice - Nigel

Nigel is a Best in Group, Runner/Up in Group and Class in Show winner. Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 
. He was not placed at the 2005 National Weimaraner Show but was graded Excellent,  Nigel is only shown at specialties and Royals but is always a consistent winner when he comes out.
He has a fantastic personality and loves everyone. He lives with Ann & Trevor Lands.

Aust Ch Grauhund Nite Lights - Shimmer 

Shimmer is a multiple Best-In-Group, Runner-Up In Group Class in Show and Sweepstakes winner.
She was awarded Runner/Up to Best in Show at the 2003 Weimaraner Club of Victoria Open Show at 9 months of age. 
Shimmer also took Res Challenge Bitch at the 3rd Weimaraner National 2005 & and was graded Excellent.
She is a beautifully balanced bitch with a classic head and magic free flowing movement. 
She is co-owned by Ian & Gabrielle Greenlaw, Lauren, Kira and Michael. 


The R litter combination was Whispa to Kalvin Klein. This was a superb litter of 10 puppies.

BIS Aust Ch Grauhund Ralph Lauren - Polo 

Polo was a late started waiting in the wings while his little sister was in training before her long trip to Portugal. His first show he went Baby Puppy in show and has been a consistent winner since then. He is a multiple Best In Group and R/U In-Group winner with many Class In group and In-Show wins. Polo went to live with Kirsten and David where he continued his showing and living with the Dallys. He won his first Best in Show in 2006, with Kirsten on the end of the lead. He won R/Up in show at the Weimaraner Club of ACT Champ show under Weimaraner Specialist Patsy Hollings from the Puppy Class. He has been retired from the showing which was not one of his great loves. Thank you to Kirsten and David for loving him. 

BISS Multi Ch. Portugese/Spanish/Luxembourg, Gibralta, Esperanza Europia 2004  Ch Grauhund Road to Rio - Mary

Mary lives in Portugal with Joao & Rute Soares is campaigned around Europe along with his dog Rudi. She is a stunning bitch who has personality plus. 
She won Baby Puppy in group at her first outing. She has had a very successful show career in Portugal with her new owner.
Her first show in Barcelona, she was awarded a Puppy Champion and earned her title Esperanza Europeia 2004. Mary is a Best in Show winner and has had great success in the ring in Europe. She has her Portugese, Spanish and Luxenbourg Championships which she gained which much competition. Mary is having a rest from the showring to raise a litter of puppies sired by Rudi.
We look forward to future plans with Mary.

The Future Continues with 

 Aust Gr Ch Kadma Touched by an Angel - Amy 
Amy has had an extremly successful show career to find out more check out her Amy's Page

 Gr. Ch. Divani New Kidn Town  TD- Cricket

Cricket has done a lot of winning in her short career winning Junior in Show at the 3rd Weimaraner National 2005.
Check out more on Cricket's Page

Aust Ch Grauhund Winkov an Eye - Wink 

Wink gained her title with ease, winning numerous Class in Group and Class in Show awards along the way.  
Now taking a break from the Show Ring to have a litter in 2007 to Boomer, we look forward to her future progeny

Our Latest Import

Amer Ch & Aust Gr. Ch Nani's Sovereign Cross Check JH (Imp USA) - Boomer

Making his presences felt in the show ring he has had a very successful career since arriving in Australia.  
To see more of Boomer and his progeny check out Boomer's Page


Grauhund Addicted to Love - Randy
(Sire: Boomer x Dam: Cricket)

Randy is the son of Cricket and Boomer. He has had multiple Class in Group and In show wins and is on his way to his Championship. Randy is only 10 months old but has inherited his mother's big stride and free flowing movement.
Watch for him in 2007.

Grauhund Find me an Angel - Gabby
(Sire: Boomer x Dam: Grauhund Tears in Heaven)

Ch. Divani Packup Yr Troubles (AI) ET - Mellow
(Sre: Amer. Ch. Nanis Bahta Packer Trouble (USA) x Dam: Divani New Sensation)

We had the opportunity of purchasing Mellow who had wonderful bloodlines. Her mother is the litter sister to Cricket and a gorgeous bitch. I gave Mellow to my  dear friend Jeanene Short where she is very much loved.


Ch. Grauhund Im troubled b
yu  - Alvin
(Sire: Ch. Amarige Walk the Line x Dam: Ch. Divani Packup Yr Troubles AI ET

Alvin is a beautiful dog with a great temperament and has huge ground covering movement. We gave him to Kirsten Bullen where he is very much loved.

Aust. & N.Z. Ch. Grauhund Im fullov Trouble - Ripple
(Sire: Ch. Amarige Walk the Line x Dam: Ch. Divani Packup yr troubles AI ET)

Ripple like her brother has a wonderful temperament. We gave her to Andrew McInroe to keep her old dog company who was fretting when her friend died. Andrea took Ripple & Jayde to New Zealand on holidays and she showed Ripple to her NZ Championship where she was a multiple Class in group winner. She was bred to Boomer (Amer Ch. Supreme Ch, Dual Ch (T) Nani's Sovereign Cross Check JH (Imp USA) and produced 4 puppies. We kept one Heidi (Ch. Grauhund Merry Poppins) who was a multiple Class In Group & In show winner along with attaining her Aust. Ch. title at a young age.




Ch. Grauhund Just Dzina Jeans AI (Imp NZ)
  - Zipper
(Sire: Amer.Gr. Ch. Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp USA) x Dam; NZ Ch. Weisup Miss Fabulousity)

Zipper gained his Aust. Ch. title at 8 months of age which is a very young age. He is a BIG & multiple R/Up in group, Class in Group & In Show winner. We decided that having brother & sister was leading to disaster so we gave Zipper to Frank & Astrid Mooney who have been around the dog world for many years. He is very much loved and Frank is doing a fabulous job of showing him.

Grauhund Just Strauss AI - NZ
- Strauss (Dec Dec 2011)
(Sire: Amer/Gr. Ch. Colsidex Grauhuns Just Jeans (Imp USA) x Dam: NZ Ch. Weisup Miss Fabulousity)

Strauss was retained by Rick & Debbie Meyrick but was tragically killed when he was 6 months of age. He was a multiple Class in Group & In show winner from the Baby puppy class.

Ch. Grauhund Justa Miracle AI (Imp NZ) - Mirrah
(Sire: Amer. Gr. Ch. Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp USA) x Dam: NZ Ch. Weisup Miss Fabulousity)

Mirrah lives with us and is a very much loved member of the family. She has developed into a beautiful bitch being a multiple BIG & R/Up in group winner. She has won numerous class in Show wins at specialties and All breeds shows. She will be bred in 2013.

Grauhund Just thBeginning AI (Imp NZ) - Jayde
(Sire: Amer/Gr. Ch. Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp USA) x Dam: NZ Ch,. Weisup Miss Fabulousity)

Jayde lives with Andrea McInroe and was given to her to show. She has not been in the ring yet but will in the future.

Grauhund Justa Dream AI (Imp NZ) - Dream
(Sire: Amer/Gr. Ch. Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp USA) x Dam: NZ Ch. Weisup Miss Fabulousity)

Dream lives with Jenny in Melbourne and is a very much loved companion to her.