Top 20 Competition - Flirt - Supreme Ch. Weissenberg Flirtn with Fire AI (Imp NZ) has been awarded #1 Weimaraner In Australia 2019.


, We would like to welcome you to our website, it will take you on a journey that began in 1972 and continues today. You will be able to see many prominent dogs from yesteryear as well of those of today.

We have bred in excess of 50 plus champions including New Zealand Champions and a Multi European Champion plus 5 Australian Grand Champions & 1 Supreme Champion. We only breed 2 or 3 litters a year and are very selective in our breeding program.

Both Carol & Shellie are International judges, who are licenced to judge many groups between them and have had the pleasure of judging at many countries throughout the world. Shellie has just achieved her All breeds Licence along with her sister Jacqui.  Our famous family continue to blitz the country with their consistent winning at high levels.

Our Kennel has set many records over the years and our dogs have given us many hours of pleasure, we hope you can enjoy reading about them.
Our breeding dogs & bitches are DNA tested.

Carol Wright 

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